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Hi, my name is Amy Karg

I was sexual and mentally abused by my Father along with my mother and some of my siblings. I'm the second to youngest of 20 kids from my father.


I first disclosed the abuse I experienced as a teenager on a field trip with my teacher but I didn't have enough evidence for anyone to remove me from my household.

My mother did all she could to help us by having the courage to leave and take me to a shelter.

How I changed the trajectory of my life...

When I was 29 I moved away and found new life in Orlando, FL. I connected with a great church and fell in love with Jesus overtime. I tried to start dating and realized that I was still emotionally numb to people from my trauma and I wanted to love. So I started journaling and praying daily and noticed that I was changing.

How I discovered my passion

I could say the words I love you but I noticed that it didn't mean anything to me. I wanted to experience more that's how I knew I was healing. From that moment on I decided to take off my mask completely. I was so amazed by my healing that I wanted to share it. If there was hope for me I know there was hope for you.

My life as of today

I'm an Educator and an Armed Security officer. I have committed myself to a healthier lifestyle of eating, exercising, journaling, and praying. I have found the treasure in me that was buried deep from trauma, and now I'm on the road to loving myself and others again.

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my mission

To spread hope for love after trauma to women and children so they can love and treasure who they are again.

my vision

To spread hope to women and children to love again after trauma.

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